Diane Harkey “is unsuitable for public service.”

San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial, May 27, 2014

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Congressional candidate Diane Harkey was a senior officer and investor in a Ponzi scheme that was found guilty of ripping off seniors. Harkey used the profits from this scam to pay for her political campaigns.



When Diane Harkey ran for Board of Equalization in 2014, the San Diego Union-Tribune wrote this in a scathing editorial:


“But it would take acres of newsprint to list what’s been disappointing about the other serious Board of Equalization candidate, Assemblywoman Diane Harkey of Dana Point.”

“It was in 2009 that fraud allegations first emerged against Point Center Financial, a real-estate firm led by her husband, Dan Harkey. Though she has been listed as both a public officer and an employee of the company, she says she had nothing to do with the actions that led to three fraud judgments against Dan Harkey and Point Central Financial awarding $12.5 million in damages to about 80 investors.”

“Other facts are crucial and damning. As The Orange County Register reported in 2009, Diane Harkey spent $135,000 to launch her political career in 2004 with a successful bid for the Dana Point City Council. She spent $2 million more on a failed state Senate bid in 2006, a successful Assembly run in 2008, and on other political campaigns. Given that her campaign disclosure forms showed limited personal assets at the time, it is obvious that people would wonder if her career in politics is based on a family fortune built at least partly through fraud.

Yet for five years, Harkey has seethed that this question is ‘sexist’ and amounts to ‘slander’; she even briefly sued state Sen. Mark Wyland, R-Solana Beach, for his related criticism. Harkey has done so even though she has changed details on her original story — actions that invite further media scrutiny. She has done so even as dozens of other political figures faced similar tough questions about their families’ finances.”

“Both Harkey’s refusal to answer basic questions about her family scandal and her decision to depict herself as a victim are unconscionable. She is unsuitable for public service.”


San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial, 5/27/14




“Assemblywoman Diane Harkey’s blossoming political career appears to have been funded in part by earnings from her husband’s embattled real estate lending business, which is being sued for fraud and is being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. As Dan Harkey has attracted increasing criticism in recent weeks, the legislator – through her husband, political consultant and chief of staff – has attempted to distance herself from that business, Point Center Financial. But public documents have listed her as both an officer and an employee of the company; her financial disclosure forms indicate limited personal assets and she indicated Thursday that her political spending has included money from her husband’s earnings. Campaign disclosure forms show she’s spent $2.1 million on political campaigns since 2004.”

Orange County Register, 3/17/09



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